Meet nisha

After 15 years climbing the corporate ladder in the US and the GCC, I decided to take a sabbatical.

With more time on my hands, I went to the gym more frequently, and I found myself feeling hungrier during the day. So I looked for a sustainable energy bar to eat after my exercise routine.

I looked everywhere: organic stores, health & nutrition stores, and grocery stores of every format.

Unhappy with available offerings, either too sugary, no flavor, artificial taste or simply not good on the palate, I decided to dive into the world of energy bars and take over our kitchen at home.

Within a few months, I had tried every possible combination but soon realized I needed my creation to bring me pleasure not only health benefits.

So I sourced the best ingredients in the world and sprinkled in some fairy dust to create something truly flavorful.

I handed out samples to family and friends, and when they came back for more, I knew I had to pursue this new adventure.

What started as a need became fun, challenging and is now a passion.


Iā€™m extremely proud of introducing you to NBARS

a truly perfectly balanced chewy, crunchy, nutty, fruity, seedy, sweet, savoury snack bar.

NBARS are for people, like me, who want to make smarter choices; health-conscious but still not willing to compromise on taste, flavor and pleasure.