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NBARS was birthed from a search for balance. Living the Dubai expat lifestyle, I found myself yo-yoing between Health & Pleasure. If you're like me, you don't want to have to choose. You want it all. Life's hard enough, your snacks don't have to be!


NDULGE: meet our bars

Presenting NBARS, UAE-born vegan and preservative-free snack bars. Power-packed & nutrient-dense, NBARS are the ultimate vegan snack curated for modern lives. Designed to help with life's busy moments, we're your breakfast on the go, coffee companion, me moment, afternoon pick-me-up, break time, sports accessory, gym partner, marathon mate, spiritual gangster, surf swell, travel buddy and sometimes even your laptop lunch. Leave snack prep to us and we'll give you back your time!



 dedicated to promoting

smarter snacking habits

aMONG uae's residents

OUR line of perfectly balanced

snack bars ARE Crafted from

a simple proprietary recipe made with

the fewest, cleanest and simplest

ingredients possible